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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> hey everyone, it is 6:00 a.m., monday, january 12, tam is off, erin o'hern joins us and loads of schools are opening on a delay this morning the list is at philadelphia schools open on time. >> accuweather is tracking sleet and freezing rain for the morning commute. there's icy conditions out there, so be careful. >> penndot loaded up salt overnight to treat the streets. >> now we have weather and traffic with karen ascertain david. good morning. >> reporter: all right erin let's look at storm tracker 6 live hd double scan image. it's not icy where i'm standing right now.
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but close to philadelphia and the northern and western suburbs we have blue moving in. that's a mix of rain and sleet. even where you see the green close to i-95 and philadelphia and trenton we had earlier sleet. it could be surface temperatures in some cases are cool enough even where you have green on the radar it's freezing up. a lot of patchy ice out there and it can be the tricky stuff with the freezing rain which is the worst kind of frozen precipitation you can get in the winter. we have a winter weather advisory in the area that's below the white line that's cutting through chester county and northern and western suburbs. above that white line we won't see this expire until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon that's because we have sleet and freezing rain up until the expiration times. an example how this is affecting place and in some places that don't have the blue on the radar. this is a twitter photo from
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carl in drexel hill, that's a sheet of ice on the sidewalk. carl goes out for runs everyday. he is a employ one to report -- else a good one to report the problems. we're above freezing, but we're close enough where you can get the freeze up on the side streets and sidewalks that haven't been treated. as we go through the day it's all rain and we get into the upper 30s, karen what are the roads looking like this morning? >> reporter: the conditions here and there in the region, most of the accidents are to the west in chester and delaware county. here's the latest accident, 202 southbound at 401. you can see police on the scene partially blocking traffic on 202 southbound. icy conditions reported in this area. we have an accident not that far off in london grove. route 1 oxford bypass at route 41. you can see speeds 54 miles per hour before and after the accident. you have to be careful you might be moving along you it had an
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icy spot and you get an accident. accident 30 bypass eastbound near airport road a single vehicle spinout accident. zion hill road at farm lane an accident there. pottstown, 422 eastbound at 724. you're seeing speeds in the 40s moving along quick quickly and you hit a slick spot and you spin out. i-95 at cottman, that is southbound traffic heading toward center city. slowing, no major problems on i-95 or the schuylkill. we have icy conditions on 55 leading up to 42, matt. >> let's go to "action news" reporter, katherine scott live in bensalem bucks county with a look at what's going on there hey katherine. >> reporter: hey, matt we've seen a break in the action in
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bensalem. it was raining light rain. that has stopped but however the road surface is wet. street road is treated. you can see salt on the roads. there's no issues to report along the stretch. the cars are moving along just fine. of course you want to be careful, depending on where you are, abuse because icy patches can sneak up on you. penndot crews reported around midnight to load up for the storm. 182 instruction are on the road around the area and penndot will add to that with contractor trucks. expect to see crews in south jersey philadelphia and west and delaware. they will treat the roads with any ice problems that come up. i spoke to a man who works for a delivery service, he says he has seen crews out and it helped so far this morning. >> i've seen them out all weekend this weekend and late night last night i want out to
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wal-mart i seen the trucks out there doing presalt. hopeful of live it does the trick. >> reporter: back here live along street road and bensalem we're seeing traffic move along okay, you want to look out for the side streets and the streets that haven't been treated. these conditions can be unpredictable. the ground is cold enough you could see ice out there. right now now we haven't seen the rain that we have seen earlier has stopped in bensalem. watch out because it could be messy where you are. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> "action news" likes to be everywhere so we can give you all angle also on a morning like this. mobile 6 is moving south on broad street. i've been hearing from people on my facebook page about icy areas in spots. if you're tweeting use hash tag 6abc ice for all tweets about weather this morning we need
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your help get the accuweather forecast and take a look at live radar and get weather alerts with the free storm tracker 6 live app. >> gas in the region is a dollar less than this time last year. maribel abers looks at the numbers at the pump live at the nasdaq in time square. happy monday. >> reporter: happy monday. the average price of gas has developed 27 cents a gallon. the average is 2.20 according to the lumberg report. in philadelphia, 2.44 according to aaa. it's down 8 cents from a week ago and 37 cents cheaper than a month ago. gm is planning a car that goes 200 miles on a single charge. it's called the bolt. it will be introduced in 2017 and cost $30,000. it's a rival tesla model that
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gets 260 miles and cost 70,000. after two gains of 108d -- of sold gains -- solid gains stocks tumbled we're looking at a higher open. philadelphia is on the list of best places to go, milan and cuba topped philly. >> that's great news. maribel. >> everyone is saying how great dilworth park looks too, way to go philadelphia. >> and the shows to see here all the time and restaurants. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you it's not a great place to try to drive around this morning, at least in some areas
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as we go in closer, you can see the rain, and in the northern and western suburbs sleet and rain. temperatures on the surfaces are close to freezing, even in areas around wilmington where you see green, that could turn into freezing rain, we've had reports throughout chester county and delaware county and some areas of south jersey, a couple of people have been tweeting in saying there's icy patches down here, as well. the main problems that karen has been talking about has been in the northern and western suburbs so far. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies across the region and, of course, it's wet on the platt bridge. traffic is getting by fine here. the main roads are getting by okay today. it's the side streets and sidewalks that you have to worry about. 34 degrees in philadelphia. wind out of the south at 6 miles per hour. again we are close enough to the freezing mark across the region where you have to be careful for
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icy patches. by 9:00. there could be sleet and freezing rain mixing in around i-95 and points north and then we get up to noon we should be around any issues in areas close to i-95. now the northern and western suburbs, particularly the lehigh valley and reading might be holding on to icing by noon. it goes by the boards quickly in the afternoon and by 5:00 it's all rain. in fact in the northern and western suburbs we may be drying out a bit. the last of the rain is at 9:00 p.m. what are we expecting in mainly rain in atlantic city, and wild. the bigger issues is closer to the delaware river and the northern and western suburbs where we have an icy mix of rain and sleet and changing to rain around 10:00 a.m. or so. in allentown there's the mix of an occasional snowflake but mainly sleet and freezing rain
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and that changes to all rain after lunchtime or so. to reiterate 7:00, sleet and freezing rain in philadelphia, and much of the i-95 corridor between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. that will change to rain and after 10:00 a.m. it's all rain. in the northern and western suburbs it's a long term icing situation with a an ielingsy mix through 11 and gradual change to rain from 11 to 1:00 p.m. once the change to rain curse we're above freezing. -- occurs we're above freezing. the high will be 39 degrees. we'll have mix of sleet changing to rain. tomorrow 32. wednesday, more clouds we can't rule out drizzle if it happens during cooler parts of the day it could be freezing drizzle.
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37 on thursday, coming weekend looks good we're in the 40s. >> supermarkets are used to having shoplifters every now and then one man is on the run after swiping razor blades from a lehigh county store. >> the action cam is out on 202 where it meets route 1 in concordville. karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: this is the boulevard at fox street where it is mostly wet. i got off the phone with the police in montgomery county where there are widespread icing problems. i'll have the details when we come right back. yep. you know they do that one deposit checking thing for everyone, right? got mustard on your suit. actually, it's your suit. one deposit checking. only from citizens
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>> 6:14, traffic building in concordville, delaware county, 202 at route 1 where people are telling us it's icy out there. there's a state trooper on patrol there. you have to be careful because more and more areas are cropping up saying it's icy. >> karen you've been on the phone with the police warning about areas that are slick. >> reporter: we're getting reports of icing not just in the northwest suburbs now we're looking live in chester county. we have lots of problems in chester county reported. you can see the accident 202 southbound at 401. we have police on the scene partially blocking traffic. icy conditions reported in the area. we're seeing people move, we're
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not seeing them slip and slide you hit an area and you get an accident. police in pottstown, 422 eastbound they had to shut down the ramp at 724 they are waiting for penndot to salt it. we're seeing problems with ramps with icy conditions. we had an earlier accident and now police are waiting to salt this. they have this area shut down. police in montgomery county described the problem with ice as widespread through the county. you need to be careful as you head through the area. cambridge road at telegraph road we have an accident where a vehicle ran into a ditch in chester county. 30 bypass we have an accident eastbound near airport road a single-vehicle spinout that cleared. one cleared on zion road as well. delaware county, i talked to the police here, they say most of the area that they are talking about with concerns in the
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newtown area, gradeyville road at spring hill drive. it's a spinout accident. as we look at the commuter traffic report it's a good way to check neighborhood by neighborhood. chadds ford icy roads reported there. him storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the blue, the area of ice is currently out to the north and west, david said we're seeing spots that looks like rain but freezing on the surface. you have to be careful wherever you're heading this morning. >> police in lehigh county are on the hunt for a man they say stole $400 worth of razors in a grocery store and assaulted a woman who worked there. it happened at the giant grocery store in the lower macungie township. the shoplifter hit the woman in the face when she confronted him about the stolen razors.
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isis is calling for small scale attacks. urging it's followers in western countries to target police officers and soldier as civilians. this came as more than 3 million people marched for unity. the rally was in response to the terror attack in france that killed 17 people. the country said its officers were able to kill the 3 suspected terrorists responsible for the attacks. there's an urgent international manhunt for the woman. 26-year-old hayat boumeddiene. authorities believe she fled to syria and was part of a sleeper cell. a pakistani school reopened overnight nearly a month after taliban gunman murder 150 people all the victims were crowning students. a ceremony was held at the army public school. classes are expected to resume later this week. the white house plans to hold a conditioners next months
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on how to counter violent scream extremism. it comes in light of the shootings of recent attacks in canada and veil australia. they will look at ways to prevent extremists and others to carry out violence. philadelphia firefighters are planning to pay tribute to a female firefighter who died on the job. >> the benefits of head starts programs study shows it has to do with children's weight. >> reporter: we have freezing rain and sleet mixing in and patches of ice. so tell the children to be careful walking. look at that, i had my best month ever.
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>> mobile 6 enjoying the low gas prices, we'll take a little trip here. [laughter]. south philadelphia, broad street around the stadium.
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there's a water main break around oregon avenue that could cause icing out there. things are moving slow on broad street. >> reporter: i talked to police in chester county they have ten different accidents. some have cleared and others are popping up. in 322 at the 30 bypass. it's heavy from 340 to 113. the 30 bypass you need to be careful for slick spots. use caution. in norristown airies street and swedes street electrical fire at montgomery county courthouse. in east fall also -- east falls it's a downed tree at kelly drive. >> reporter: we have on and off precipitation, we are starting to get on again as we have another batch of precipitation moving in. chester county is highlighted in blue as is chester county and berks county and northern montgomery county. this is where you've got the sleet mixing with rain.
6:22 am
we have had a lot of accidents in through the northern suburbs. however, anywhere from about areas north of the red line i've just drawn could have icy patches. earlier in the overnight hours we had sleet down here and temperatures are close enough to freezing where anything that does fall as rain could freeze up on the surface. 34 in philadelphia. 33 in trenton. some areas in the between the reporting station could be at the freezing mark. as you head to the el station or bus stop. it will improve. the sleet ends in the i-95 region at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. it ends in the lehigh valley. rain doesn't end there until sometime this evening. >> held start programs have been shown to help poor children do better in school. a new study shows the programs might help them fight obesity. the study followed 44,000
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children in michigan. during preschool obese children were likely to slim down compared to the comparison group. >> the flyers are 11 points out of the playoff spot and starting goalie steve mason westbound -- will be out with a lower body injury for two weeks. oregon ducks take on ohio buckeyes at 8:30 tonight on espn. >> katherine scott is tracking conditions in bucks county. >> reporter: matt you could see slick conditions when you head out the door this morning. we're live in bensalem with a look at conditions here and what cruise have been doing to prepare coming up at 6:30. #
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>> the city of philadelphia will hold a memorial service for joyce craig this morning. she was an 11 year veteran and the first female philadelphia firefighter to die in the line of the duty. governor chris christie will do his state of state tomorrow. he will lay out his plans to grow the state's economy and is pondering whether to run for president. >> the nominations of the 87 academy awards will be announcinged on "good morning america." oscars will air february 22 on
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6abc. head to for a look at the winners from last night's golden globes. >> 6:27 we're tracking wintry weather. >> taking a live look concordville, delaware county. traffic moving on 202 in other areas some people are slipping all over the place. we'll be right back. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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99 cents. that's all it takes to get a refreshing deal at dunkin' donuts. just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't enjoy any sized iced tea or iced coffee. just 99 cents all month long. america runs on dunkin'. >> the accuweather team is tracking a wintry mix several viewers are reporting dangerous icy conditions and several schools are opening on a delay philadelphia schools are opening on time. >> penndot crews have been out all night making sure the roads are safer for you. a live report is ahead. >> crews make a key discovery
6:30 am
in an effort to find out why airasia 8501 plunged into the java sea. we may have learned what has taken down the flight. good morning, tamala edwards is off, erin o'hern is here and dave and karen have weather and traffic. >> reporter: take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan in chester county and delaware county and areas north of philadelphia we're seeing a lot of blue on radar that's the sleet mixing with the freezing rain. in and around philadelphia where you see nothing but green parts of south jersey and delaware, as well you may have icing problems because of earlier sleet in the overnight hours and the fact that surface temperatures are close to the freezing mark. we have winter weather advisory in areas beneath the white line. you see it between chester county montgomery county and above that white line you may not see that advisory expire until 1:00 p.m. things get better south to north, but it will take a while
6:31 am
especially in the northern areas. 34 in philadelphia. 34 in wilmington, 33 in trenton. there's a possibility that some of numbers close to the freezing mark go below freezing over the next hour or so. we go through the day the icing problem becomes less of an issue in the morning and afternoon hours. in the afternoon we'll be at a high of 38 dropping down from a high of 39. karen we have radar and future tracker 6 to take you through the day. but the roads people want to know what's going on. >> reporter: we have an accident that cleared a minute ago 202 at 01. i talked to police, they also they have ten different -- they say they have ten different accidents spread across the chester county. cambridge road. we have an accident. pilots, we have one at east --
6:32 am
pottstown we have one at east 4th at east hanover. police are waiting for penndot to salt a ramp 3w5u69 problems out there -- because of the problems out there. this is an area where you hit an icy spot and you get an accident. it's close until that. airy street in norristown, we have an electrical fire at montgomery courthouse. police saying most of the problems with icy conditions are being reported around newtown. accident at gradeyville road. a single vehicle spinout accident. live on the schuylkill expressway approaching girard we're seeing volume building, no problems on the schuylkill or i-95 just wet. >> the reports are streaming in about the icy conditions and how dangerous it is in spots.
6:33 am
katherine scott is live in bensalem bucks county how things are shaping up at that location. katherine. >> reporter: the light rain is falling in bensalem. we had a break about a half-hour ago, but it is back and even though we're not seeing the freezing rain here right now the ground is cold enough you could see the is there any is there any spots. the road surface is wet from the rain but no issues to report along this stretch anyway. across the area penndot crews reported for duty around midnight. equipment checks were underway, salt was loaded up. 182 state trucks are on the road. penndot expects to add contractor trucks as the modern progresses. there was salt only the roads from friday, so penndot did not brine up to today. but they will be out salting.
6:34 am
the concern for drivers is how unpoliticcable this can be. -- unpredictable this can be. we spoke a to a commute commuter coming from the poconos where he saw snow and rain. he is taking slow because of the conditions changing. >> i can handle the snow better than the ice, with the ice you can't tell when it's dark whether it's slick or not. i chose to bring my truck rather than my car because it handles better. >> reporter: and back here live in bensalem, where you can see cars moving along this stretch of street road okay. but, again this stretch has been treated. whether it is in bensalem, philadelphia, south jersey and delaware expect to see crews on the rooted this morning. leave plenty of extra disangs. for people not -- dance for people not
6:35 am
be careful when you walk out the door. >> that's goes for you too katherine, i know you will. thank you very much. looking mobile 6 traveling on the schuylkill expressway westbound looks like we see rain coming down, because it's washing off all that salt that's come lated on the roads. but in some areas it's turning into ice. it can happen without much warning, be careful out there that's what's happening in mobile 6. >> here's a live look from the action cam which is in concordville, delaware county. route 202 where it meets route 1. a busy intersection in that area we heard from people in chadds ford not too far from here be that it was icy when they woke up this morning. be careful it's hard to tell if it's wetness or ice. you can find the latest information from accuweather
6:36 am
including storm tracker 6 live the forecast for today and the week ahead at >> breaking news in the airasia recovery in indonesia. investigators say they have found both boxings from 8501. there's indication that the plane exploded in midair. this is flight data recorder that holds information about the plane's speed and direction. an expertly said quote the cabin was pressurized and before the pressure of the cabin could be adjusted it went down, boom. that was a quote from him. the cockpit voice recorder is being fished out from the bottom. sea. bad weather as hampered weather to get it out. more than 3 million people joined in solidarity in paris saturday of the terror attacks.
6:37 am
>> john kerry will go to paris to discuss terror attacks. >> police departments are on high alert across the united states including the new york police department. officers were told to watch out for any suspicious activity. the isis threat comes days after terrorists killed 17 people in france. >> you can't tell if it is ice or it's just wet. >> reporter: it's a good idea to assume there might be an icy spot whether you're walking or driving, slow it down. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're not being inundated by precipitation at the moment. we had other stuff earlier in the overnight hours. obviously, the northern and western suburbs show a lot of blue on radar. this is where the rain is
6:38 am
particularly pronounced. we had sleet overnight and we're getting reports in chester county and in philadelphia, i had a tweet from university city a twitter follower said the sidewalks are icy. we heard from people in camden county and gloucester county there maybe icy patches, as well. obviously the farther north you are the better chance of seeing icy stuff and freezing rain and sleet is pushing into allentown at this hour, as well. we have cloudy skies and wet conditions across the immediate region. the pretreated roads are fine, but the side streets and secondaries could be icy. we have problems along main highways. 33 in wilmington and trenton. you look at the numbers to the north an down toward millville. they are above freezing. problem the actual stone that
6:39 am
the water is contacting from the rain could be below freezing and we are looking at freezeups and black ice and rain conditions areas close to the delaware river and on to the north. you want to be careful where the official number maybe a number or two above the freezing mark. future tracker 6 shows at 9:00 we have sleet mixed in. noon we changed over to rain across the region. although there could ling icing up in allentown and reading and points north and west. 6:00 the northern and western suburbs are drying out. the icing is long gone. we're looking at a winter weather advisory in the i-95 corridor until 10:00. after that things are better. up in the northern and western suburbs, after lunch we expect it to get better. after 9:00 the rain is pretty much gone. what are we expecting in terms of precipitation type? it's mainly rain in south jersey
6:40 am
and icy mix changing to rain in the i-95 corridor. it will change over in allentown around 1:00. allentown, the wintery mix changing around lunchtime. the high temperature at the shore it's all rain and 42 degrees. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the high in philadelphia is 39. again, that icy sheen that we've got in some spots gradually improving after 10:00 in the i-95 corridor and later than that farther north. tomorrow sunny and colder, 32. high of 34 wednesday. wednesday, increasing clouds and there could drizzle that could freezing drizzle at times during the day too. wednesday is a day to watch. up to 37 on thursday, back in the hoest on friday, saturday and sunday, the weekend in particular looking good. >> 45 sounds great. >> 6:40 still ahead on "action news," incredible video of a
6:41 am
young skier falling off a ski lift. >> sky6 live hd looking at penns landing along i-95. the drive to work or school providing you don't have a delay could be treacherous. >> reporter: we're looking at i-95 near the commodor barry bridge. traffic is moving okay. you have to be careful on the ramps own overpass, we'll check 422 and another look at i-95 when "action news" comes right back.
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6:43 am
>> welcome back, of 43:00 you're taking a live look at the streets of concordville. you can see they are slick out
6:44 am
there. there are icy conditions. most significant this morning it will ease up as the day goes on. all philadelphia schools are opening on time. there are a lot of delays running at the bottomful screen and >> all right karen what have you got? >> reporter: we'll take a live look at 422 traffic is moving slowly at this point. the main highways for the most part are wet. you have to watch for slick spots. kernal only the ramp we've seen problems with that. eastbound traffic jamming from the saint gabe's curve to the 23. no accidents on 422. we had a ramp 422 eastbound to 724 where a vehicle ran off the roadway. the police have shut down the ramp they are waiting for penndot to come and salt it before he this open it again. east 4th street at hanover we have an accident there. him cedar road and park avenue in perkiomen.
6:45 am
one in horsham keith valley road at park ridge drive. we have an accident peppered in here or there. most of the them are centered in chester county. some accidents in delaware county, as well. as we look at the big picture we have a couple of near the city north philadelphia broad and montgomery avenue. another one at south broad at spruce street. we have a water main break a different reason for ice south philadelphia front and oregon. you can see how slow the speeds are, schuylkill westbound you want to drive a little slowly out here, looking at i-95 mostly in the teens. live on i-95 near allegheny heavy traffic at cottman and allegheny and girard. no accidents on i-95. 42 looking okay in the southbound we see the crews are out right now on the ramp from 422 southbound at this point. in new jersey and camden county, police tell me they salted it and they are not having any
6:46 am
accidents in camden county. in burlington county only one accident coming into us. i talked to police at 130 southbound. >> brand new video showing an elephant walking right over the hood of a car in tie handle. a family was -- thailand. a family was inside the car they are okay. they say the same elephant crushed three other vehicles in the past ten days. officials believe it is in heat and seeing moving vehicles is adding to it's stress. >> on "action news," a 9-year-old boy fell from a ski lift from a central pennsylvania ski resort. the fall was caught on video at liberty mountain resort. it shows him dangling and falling to the snow below. he suffered a leg injury, but will be okay.
6:47 am
the accident is under investigation. >> new jersey governor chris christie took his lucky orange sweater to lambeau field to cheer on the beloved dallas cowboys, now he can take it to the cleaners. the sweater was a good luck charm up to that point. christie faces ethical confess since his office disclosed that dallas other than jerry jones paid for him to sit in the luxury box and private jet flights. he paid his own way to get to the green bay game. this is what said -- oregon and ohio state will battle to be crowned national champions. watch this first-ever chip game tonight on espn starting at
6:48 am
8:30. let's look at what's going on at "good morning america." >> mobile 6 is still out there looks like it's heading back to the station. we'll be right back. >> reporter: it looks wet out there. we're arming the kids with umbrellas today. keep in mind the sidewalks could be icy in the northern and western suburbs and in philadelphia we've had reports of that. if you're close to the i-95 corridor in new jersey or delaware, i would be careful. we'll be back with the day planner forecast.
6:49 am
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at dunkin' donuts. just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't enjoy any sized iced tea or iced coffee. just 99 cents all month long. america runs on dunkin'. time for a preview of "good morning america." >> let's check in with amy robach live at the time square studios. looks like you're getting rain there, amy. >> reporter: just rain matt and erin great to be with you on monday morning. coming up on "g.m.a." we'll have coverage on the new concerns of terror attack on the u.s., how will the united states respond from paris to washington d.c. we have full team coverage this morning. as you mentioned we have rain here but it's a dangerous morning commute for others, ice snow and sleet from the midwest to the northeast. we're live from baltimore with all the details. a frightening scene a ski
6:52 am
resort where a young boy dangles from a ski lift what's behind similar accidents recently. laura is live from la. jimmy coming joins us about his competition during half-time at the football championship. robin is with him, as we count down to kickoff. >> football on monday night. >> big show today. we have a lot going on with traffic. here we are at city avenue on the schuylkill expressway. westbound is jammed from the boulevard to gladwyn. we're not getting any reports of icing on the schuylkill expressway. you need to be careful on all the area ramps. lots of accidents in chester county. between colonial way and trolley way. >> reporter: sleet and freezing rain in chester county. you can see parts of delaware
6:53 am
and bucks and montgomery county all this is pushing to the north. i would be careful points farther southy earlier in the overnight hours we had sleet and there's the potential of freeze up on surfaces there, as well. quickly we'll show you the temperatures in the northern and western suburbs these are south jersey temperatures are above freezing. it's up in here and points north and west where we have problems. we'll be back with the top stories. # winter is hard on your face. the start of sneeze season. and the wind-blown watery eyes. that's why puffs plus lotion is gentle on sensitive skin. so you can always put your best face forward. a face in need deserves
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puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today.
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>> 6:56, mobile 6 is out and about on city avenue waiting for the light to change. be careful out there because it's icy. many schools are opening on a delay, get the list at we should mention that philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are opening on time. >> reporter: lots of accidents out there specifically in chester county. 202 approaching 401. we had one earlier. a new accident cheltenham avenue and broad street and one with injuries 130 southbound. >> reporter: we have a winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. south of that line. north of that line it expires at
6:57 am
1:00 p.m. we have sleet and freezing rain in the northern and western suburbs. be careful out there. >> for erin o'hern, karen rogers, david murphy, i'm matt o'donnell. we'll keep you advises throughout the show. "g.m.a." is next.
6:58 am
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good morning, america! and happening now. the urgent new terror warning from isis. police here on high alert as brand new images of the hostages are revealed overnight from the attack in france. as millions take to the streets, president obama is taking heat for not taking part. >> ice storm warning. the frozen commute from the midwest to massachusetts and this dramatic video showing a 9-year-old falling off a icy chair lift. it's college football's biggest game. oregon. >> let's go bucks. >> against ohio state in the college football playoff championship. it's history in the making and we're pulling out all the stops, all the excitement. the ultimate fan


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